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Agile Cost Estimation | Zenpo Software

Project cost estimation is a fundamental part of any project management process, regardless of whether you use a traditional Waterfall or an Agile approach. However, many people need clarification about how Agile projects are estimated and how costs are managed. This blog post will explore the basic principles of project cost estimation and how they ...
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Where to Learn Software Development for Free

Are you looking to transition to a software development career? Until quite recently, software firms required that their developers have a computer science or similar degrees, severely limiting their candidate pool.   However, there has been an increase in the number of developers from non-traditional backgrounds, including high-school dropouts with no prior tech experience or liberal arts graduates. A large proportion of ...
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Why You Should Start Using GitHub for Software Development

Even if your organization does not engage in software development as its primary business, chances are your IT staff is heavily involved in it. Whether it’s tracking bugs or creating your in-house apps, software development is one skill that should be present in your IT department. If you’ve hung around developers often enough, you might have heard ...
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