Top Uses of Business Intelligence in Healthcare

by in Data. Posted June 4, 2020
At Zenpo Software, we are committed to helping non-profits leverage business intelligence to improve their operations and processes. Healthcare is one field where we operate. Through our partnerships with healthcare organizations, we have played a role in discovering new therapies for chronic illnesses. Here are some ways your healthcare organization can also use business intelligence.  Provide personalized patient ...
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ROI on business intelligence and technology investments

Business Intelligence – The Five Stages

by in Data. Posted May 29, 2020
At Zenpo Software Innovations, we typically gauge the readiness of our clients for big data and business intelligence according to their maturity levels. Different organizations have different names for data maturity levels and have their own end-purposes for gauging maturity. Some models describe the current state of data maturity, while others seek to compare the organization vis-à-vis ...
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Non-Profits and Business Intelligence

by in Data. Posted May 7, 2020
While large, Fortune 500 companies have been using business intelligence (BI) for a number of years now, it is only recently that non-profit organizations have started leveraging this technology to make better business decisions. Non-profits are constantly weighing the merits of the projects they implement, not only in terms of their connection to their advocacies ...
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