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Why You Should Start Using GitHub for Software Development

Even if your organization does not engage in software development as its primary business, chances are your IT staff is heavily involved in it. Whether it’s tracking bugs or creating your in-house apps, software development is one skill that should be present in your IT department. If you’ve hung around developers often enough, you might have heard ...
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Non-Profits and Business Intelligence

by in Data. Posted May 7, 2020
While large, Fortune 500 companies have been using business intelligence (BI) for a number of years now, it is only recently that non-profit organizations have started leveraging this technology to make better business decisions. Non-profits are constantly weighing the merits of the projects they implement, not only in terms of their connection to their advocacies ...
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DevOps software development IT concept

DevOps Trends for 2020

In 2019, we saw the DevOps community adopting AI and automation on a more frequent basis. The growth of containers and FaaS continued, and developers and operations teams took greater control of their applications. Through continuous improvement initiatives, both product and engineering teams collaborated between and among themselves, resulting in more transparency in both operations and development and ...
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