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ROI on business intelligence and technology investments

Business Intelligence – The Five Stages

by in Data. Posted May 29, 2020
At Zenpo Software Innovations, we typically gauge the readiness of our clients for big data and business intelligence according to their maturity levels. Different organizations have different names for data maturity levels and have their own end-purposes for gauging maturity. Some models describe the current state of data maturity, while others seek to compare the organization vis-à-vis ...
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Chatbot smart phone artificial intelligence communication concept. Chatbot is new trend in B2C communication with conversational AI application.

How Chatbots Can Save Your Business

As your business expands, you might find that responding to ever-increasing numbers of customer inquiries becomes tougher. Managing your time also becomes more of a challenge. While old-school businesses choose to hire additional people to serve as appointment-setters or secretaries, chatbots could do many of the things humans do at a fraction of the cost.  Chatbots can gather data for you. Whenever someone ...
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Why You Should Start Using GitHub for Software Development

Even if your organization does not engage in software development as its primary business, chances are your IT staff is heavily involved in it. Whether it’s tracking bugs or creating your in-house apps, software development is one skill that should be present in your IT department. If you’ve hung around developers often enough, you might have heard ...
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